mowgli’s in retrograde

February 6, 2014 at 8:33 pm

To all The Mowgli’s, 


                          I am writing to inform you that I have decided to leave the band.  This video is the most honest representation of how I am feeling in regards to my departure.  For me, this is catharsis, the only way I can even attempt to accurately express why I left. 


The Business from michael mowgli on Vimeo.

 I wish you all an incredible journey and I pray that in moving forward we will always remember ‘why we came here’ and apply that wisdom to every aspect of our existence.

For me, it’s not enough to just say it, or sing it.  I need to live it and breathe it, and be it    . . . and in the beautiful irony of this tale, the only way I can take the proper steps toward making such drastic life improvements, is to actually follow the advice and mantra in our songs.

The Mowgli’s are a band of many merry missionaries whose soul purpose is to spread the good word of love and invoke a heavenly state upon the people that we touch.
I will always be a mowgli.  I will always do everything I can to help change the world for the greater good.  
Thank you all for being here and for everything you have given me.  Your love and lessons have always lead me through the impassable, I carry on within that spirit.
WE ARE ALL THE MOWGLi’S! (even if we’re not ‘technically’ in the band)
I am making myself available if anyone wishes to talk or just stay in touch.
You can reach me here for the next few weeks @(786) 7-MOWGLI or permanently at
I shall continue dedicating my life to the making of music and cordially invite all to share in this experience by visiting this site.
~michael mowgli
we are free, if we wake up ( ( (  ) ) )

Mikey Aim