Aaron Glass & Friends

From the giant redwoods and sandy beaches of Santa Cruz to the buzz of big city life in San Francisco, Aaron Glass has been on an adventure to see and express love and life. Drawing from classic songwriters such as Elliot Smith, Neil Young, and Nick Drake, Aaron is creating his own brand of folk, unheard of in today’s world. Aaron’s goal is to inspire love in people everywhere.

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Been a little while since I’ve taken a minute to update this little bloggy.

There has been a whirlwind of activity lately, so I’m gonna see how brief of a summary I can give…

Music has been blossoming, and with each new pedal that opens, the potential and opportunity for more pedals to flower appear.  It’s rad.  A week and a half ago The Mowgli’s came back into town to play at the SF Music Tech conference, which was a gathering of all the brilliant minds in the music computing world to discuss the future of technology and music.  Lucky for me, I got to go in as The Mowgli’s sound guy/special friend and attend this incredible conference for free.  The Mowgli’s were the only live music at the event, and they killed it… everyone there was really stoked and impressed with their performance, and I even got to come up and sing their song “See I’m Alive“, and they sang my song “I’m For Today”.  Epic.  Then it was time to party, and I was surprised at how down these music tech people get.  We went into that cocktail party and owned it… met so many awesome people whose soul job is to promote/hype/help musicians.  Really cool!   Even met the man behind Pandora.  Lots of opportunities coming as a result of the mingling :)

“Ragin’ at SF Musictech”

After the conference, Michael, Josh, Spencer, and I headed over to my favorite open mic at Hotel Utah.  The guys went first and played “Gambler’s Hall” and I came up next and pretended like I had never met them and asked if they wanted to try doing a song with me.  I’m not sure how many people believed a random group of guys could come and sing like a chorus of angels with someone they had never met, but it was funny to us :)

This past weekend I put on my first Friday night show in SF at The Elbo Room.  The lineup was Aaron Glass and Friends, Jugtown Pirates, and High Five Revival.  I cannot even begin to describe how awesome this night was.  A room full of 275 people, all so down with music and life, partying and celebrating together.  Every band killed it.  Highly recommend checking out both these bands, Clark, the singer from High Five, has such an awesome crooner voice.  Kind of reminds me of the band Little Joy… love it!  Jugtown is one of the best bands to party/play with in the city.  A really refreshing combination of psychadelic rock and bluegrass, they definitely bring it each and every time they play.

Our set was super fun.  We had a whole set list written out, but because Jugtown had brought the energy level so high up, we decided to just go with the flow of whatever felt right.  From the moment the set kicked into gear, I was feeling the best vibe coming from my band, and from everyone there.  It was so good to have this shared feeling circulating through everyone, and it showed in everyones faces.  After playing a few of my songs, we had the incredible Michael Musgrove (Aaron Glass and Friend’s multi instrumentalist) take center stage to perform some of his tunes.  Me and Mike Pinette (Drumme for Aaron Glass and Friend’s) have been Musgrove’s rhythm section for a few years, but we hadn’t really played any shows yet.  And holy shit, that set was so much fun!  Michael is such an amazingly gifted musician, and when he’s in front doing his thing he has the potential to leave you with your jaw on the floor.  And he brought it Friday night, big time!  Earlier that day we had worked out a cover of The Temptations- “My Girl” and that was probably the highlight of the night for me.  To figure out a song earlier in the day and then bust it out that night was so fun and spontaneous.  Boooo yaaaaa!  After Michael’s set we all switched back to doing my tunes for another half hour, and then the show was over.  So mind blowingly awesome.  The biggest thank you to everyone who came!!!!!

“The Kid and I jammin'”

Partied hard after the show at my house with the Jugtown Crew and it was really rad intermingling with their scene.  I love when different energies collide and vibe, and their whole family of friends is incredible… big love to you guys!

So the most recent development in my life is a tattoo!  Two days ago my incredibly talented friend Nate Siggard (Tattoo artist, graphic design, artist at large) came up to the bay to do some tattooing.  I had met him the same night I met The Mowgli’s and The Collective CA, and we knew we were family instantly.  I had never ever though about getting ink until talking to this man, who inspired in me a strong desire to get a tattoo.  Within a few days I had come up with a rough design, basically the general idea of the tattoo, but I knew I needed an artist to bring the idea to full fruition.

“My Design”

So I sent this picture over to my friend Shawn, and he totally nailed it on the head with this…

“Shawn’s design”

So me and Nate took this and talked about what would work best for an actual tattoo, and after a couple hours Nate had created an image that was exactly what I wanted.  Here it is :)

“My finished tattoo”

This tattoo will forever be a reminder for me to remember why I’m here.  To love, and to spread that love.  My new little friend is the poet/artist/musician who can’t do anything other than share love, because it is in his heart, his mind, his body, and his soul.  Everytime I look at it I’m reminded that we all have that within us, and all we need to do is move out of the way so it can come out.  Nate, thank you so much for this beautiful piece of art on my body, so stoked to be connected to you for life :)

Also want to thank everyone who was at the house on tattoo day.  Nate set up shop in my living room, and the whole day we just had an awesome crew of people hanging out and getting tattooed.  Special big ups to my girl Tia for being a baller and getting tatted at 2:30am, which seemed like it would have sucked baaaaaallllls!  Yaaa Tia!!!

That is all…

Much love,



Alright, this blog is gonna be hard to condense and even harder to put into words but I’m gonna do my best.  This past week was the culmination of much love, hard work, and energy, and so far it has been the most epic week of my life to date.

I don’t even know where to really begin, but basically The Mowgli’s and my band Aaron Glass and Friends put on a string of three shows to introduce them to Northern California.  Before this little trip I had only put on one show by myself (in January), which was a big success, but it really was the only experience I had putting on a show.  Throughout the whole process of booking and putting it all together, I got to work on trusting a lot.  Trusting that people would show, trusting that all the musicians would bring it, and trusting myself to keep everything together.  And holy bajeebus!  The trust really paid off.  All three nights were a huge success, measured not only by the amount of people that came, but the quality, as well as the energy that was shared at these shows.  The Mowgli’s bring so much truth into what they are doing, and it is such a pleasure to work with people who want to spread love in the world.

The first night was at the infamous Elbo Room in San Francisco.  This is where I had put my debut show on, and I loooooove the feeling of this place.  Kinda dark, but a good size space, perfect vibes for some love mayhem.  Sufis opened up the show, if you havent heard them yet go check out this video on youtube from their first performance with us… they’re awesome…. Sufis Video.  Jonny Cat is the lead man of this group and I love what he’s doing.  This guy is one of the more prolific performers I know, playing a few nights a week in a bunch of different amazing bands.  Big ups Jonny and the rest of the Sufis, awesome set at the show!  The Mowgli’s came on next and absolutely blew everyone away.  They’re energy was through the roof, and everyone was dancing and singing along.  So glorious!  Here’s a picture of Colin and Josh from The Mowgli’s dancing in the crowd during The Jungle Book Song….

” Colin and Josh feelin’ the love”

My band came up last, and it felt so good to perform with this amazing cast of Friends.  Each person I’m playing with brings such a unique and amazing style and energy to what we’re doing, and it’s all based off of a love for music.  So incredibly lucky to be playing with these people…

“Awesome friends!”

Got to play an amazing set with an amazing room of people, present and stoked.  Such a treat, and definitely the reason I’m on this Earth… to open up and feel joy!  Had Peter from The Mowgli’s come up and do “Boulder to Boulder” with us, which was such a treat, he’s got this gorgeous tone and emotion in his voice and brings so much to that song.  And then to end the night, a bunch of Mowgli’s came up and sang my newest tune “I’m For Today”, which became the end to each show on this trip.  So epic!

The Crepe Place was a completely different vibe but just as incredible.  We got there and ate some free Crepes, which were magnificently delicious, and set up and hung out for a few hours before show time.

” Aaron Glass and the Friends of Mowgli’s :)”

Night started off with The Angry Orts, awesome indie band from Portland.  All of them were super talented, and rocked our faces off.  The Mowgli’s came up next and again brought blew everyone there away.  I’ll post some pictures of their set at The Crepe up soon :)  We came on last and definitely felt much tighter this time around, and we also got the pleasure of having the whole crew come up for a few of our songs at the end.  Also a big thank you to Asher for coming up and playing “Sweet Sunshine”  I love playing that song with you brother :)  So much fun!  Also, we had our wonderful friends from Divine Dandelions with their wonderful wears at the show… awesome!  Thank you girls so much for bring the good vibes!

“Martha from Divine Dandelions inspiring tattoo”

The last night was insane.  We spent the whole day hanging out at The Red House, courtesy of the wonderful people who live there.  Big thank you to Jill, Gabe, Kate, Tyler, Amanda, and Casey… As well as a big ups to Tia!  Love you guys so so so much.  After hanging out most of the day we walked over to the premier recording studio in Santa Cruz, Gadgetbox!  I’ve known Andy Z, owner, producer, and engineer here for a few years.  I credit Andy with teaching me some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned as a musician.  So we headed over to check out his studio, and he asked us if we wanted to cut a live track!  We were all so stoked, and since we had been singing “I’m For Today” the last few days we decided to do it.  On the second take we hit it, and now here it is…. “I’m For Today Ft. The Mowgli’s”  So stoked to have this as a memory from the trip.

Night fell on Santa Cruz, and it was time to get buck wild.  We went over to the Food Not Lawns house to set up, and waited for the crowd to grow.  Once it got to a decent size, Pan America came on and shook the house!  They played one of my favorite songs I’ve heard in a long time “Will We Ever Learn” and it ruled.  Then The Mowg’s came on and hit their first set of the night haaaaard.  The whole while Arlo (The Mowgli’s new manager) was rockin’ out, smokin cigarettes, and hittin’ on bitches…

“Arlo Handbuckle III pouring whiskey down Josh’s throat”

One of my favorite parts of the whole tour happened next.  Me, Spencer, David Applebaum, and Michael Musgrove had an epic 45 minute jam, where we just went off on so many musical tangents.  These guys know how to play, like really really play, and it helps me grow so much to be able to jam with such incredible players.  So rad!  Then the last set of the night happened, and it was by far one of the most magical moments I’ve ever experienced.  When your traveling and playing for three days, theres a lot of interpersonal stuff that goes on, and we’re all human and we all have issues to work on.  Well during this last set, every single person in that room let go of everything they were holding on to and fully embraced the moment.  It was Satori… pure and true.  I got to come up and sing “See I’m Alive” and “San Francisco”, and singing next to Wolf Brother Josh felt really fantastic…

“Do you feel the love?”

I got to come on to close out the show and play Michael Mowgli’s beautiful electric guitar, and everyone embraced and sang,

“I’m for today

I’m for the bird’s that fly away

Free as they came

Free as they came”


Love you!





Just came back from another epic trip to Venice, and it was glorious.  Drove down on Wednesday last week with my beautiful girlfriend Amber, and the weather was divine.  On our way down we stopped at Grandma Grace’s house down in SLO.  For those who don’t know Grace, she is a beautiful and inspiring soul who shares love with everyone she meets.  You can feel her whole being in a hug, and it is glorious.  Here’s a picture of Grace with her grandson Asher and granddaughter Mira…. Beautiful!

“Grandma Grace, Asher, and Mira, feelin’ the love”

Grace has definitely been a huge influence in my life… to meet someone that gives love so freely and openly helped open me in ways I wasn’t even aware of.  Every time I see her it fills me up with so much light and love, and reminds me of who I really am.  Beautiful!

Ok, so then we made a lovely stop in Camarillo to see Amber’s parents, who are awesome!  Had some lunch and then made the rest of our trek down the coast to get to Venice.  Once we got there, Brother Wolf Josh was home working on creating some awesome clothes for Pan America and The Mowgli’s using patches and stencils with some of his rad old clothes and some sweet hats.  Highly recommend picking up one of these unique pieces if you get a chance.  Soon the rest of The Mowgli’s showed up and we started playing songs and I showed Colin and Michael a new tune I’d written.  Within minutes they were singing harmonies to it, and we arranged the song to fit this new form.  That night at the show they came up as well as Josh and Spencer and Pete, and played that song with me and it was so epic.  It was my first time feeling that kind of support and love while playing music with a group of people, or at least to such a high degree where it just built and built.  I’m hoping as time goes on to work more and more on singing in harmony, I love it!

” The Mowgli’s”

After my set we had a little jam sesh, then Pan America and The Mowgli’s killed it.  It is so sweet seeing these bands live, because they love to play, and they play to love.  It’s excellent.  After the show we went back to the OM hOMe and raged it until it was time to pass out.

The next few days were super mellow, Amber went down to SD and the Venice crew were all doing their thing, so I spent quite a bit of time on my own cruisin’ the beach and playing my guitar.  Met a lot of interesting wacky people on the Venice Boardwalk which was awesome.  I think Thursday night my good buddy Michael Musgrove showed up, who I invited to come down because I knew he’d love the vibe of the new friends.  So we spent the next couple of days hangin’, playin’ music, and enjoyin’ the beach… hard life…

“Mr. Musgrove in Venice”

On Saturday there was supposed to be a festival on the boardwalk, all The Collective bands were going to be playing, and I was super stoked to be able to catch all the acts that are in the crew, and also to perform my own stuff.  But, the festival ended up falling through… The guy setting it up was not on top of his business.  That’s one thing that irks me a bit, if you’re gonna get a lot of people involved in something why would you not be on top of it?  Bummer for that guy, cuz no one in Venice will want to work with him again.

So instead, we all met up at the house, and The Mowgli’s had a rehearsal, and I even got to play a little mandolin which was sweet.  Then it was night time and the real epicness began.  We ended up traveling to Laurel Canyon (the epicenter of folk and rock’n’roll in the 60’s) and went to this incredible house/little villa.  As soon as we showed up the party got wild.  Fellow Collective band Aerial Stereo was playing, and they rock… hard.  I was blown away by their presence and pure barrage of sound.  It was awesome.  Next, David Applebaum from pretty much every Collective Band and Matt started jammin’ and Michael Musgrove got up and tore people’s faces off with his ridiculous guitar playing.  From my perspective, I’ve been waiting for this kid to let it all out and jam like that for a few years now, and it was so awesome seeing it happen… every jaw was on the floor.  Then I got to go up and do a funky little jam on “Chameleon” with them.  All in all, an epic night.  Too much more stuff to mention, but we did a 4am beach sesh that was beautiful.  Ahhhhhh life!  Here’s a picture from the weekend of the Venice sunset…

“Lovely Dusk”

This past week just reaffirmed everything I’ve been feeling.  Music is what makes me happy, and the more I pursue it the more awesomeness swirls around me.  And now, I am so pumped for the next few days.  The Mowgli’s are coming up here for three shows, and it’s time to show them my neck of the woods.  Stoked!!!!  Yay life!




Change is happening!  Things feel like they are moving faster than ever, and I’m doing my best to adapt and flow with it.  Lots of stuff happened within the last week… and through it all I’m working on keeping my inner peace.  I worked on a retreat teaching Jewish teens this weekend, and got to lead the Freshman on a guided meditation.  I’ve been doing this more and more in my class on self expression on Wednesdays, but this was the first meditation with such a large group of people.  When guiding people on a journey like that, I do my best to trust that the words will come and just let my soul talk the best it can.  What a glorious and amazing experience.  We floated to outer space to sit as celestial creatures and let out a universe vibrating ShalOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.  It felt good.  Really good.  I know these kids see me as a big hippie, and I am, so it works out perfectly.  I hope they’re able to see themselves in me because they are all incredibly awesome and beautiful and deserve to feel like they can be whoever they are.  Mmmm, you do too!

“Walker Creek Ranch, site of the retreat… Gorgeous!”

After getting home, I woke up the next morning feeling really low energy, which is the opposite of how I usually feel after a retreat.  That whole morning as I drove down to Santa Cruz I tried putting my finger on what was draining me and couldn’t figure it out.  Finally, I got to my first guitar lesson and saw that my guitar had been sitting in my car all weekend, and a crack in the window had left it vulnerable to the rain.  The whole neck was soaked, and I could physically feel it’s sickness in my body.  The rest of the day was tough, but now my guitar feels pretty much back to normal, phew!

“Deep man love for my guitar”

One thing I’m learning as I grow is patience.  I used to let my emotions take control of me, and in turn, I would view the world through whatever emotion I felt without acknowledging the emotion was there.  This is a difficult way to live.  It creates a constant distraction from whats actually happen, and stops us from fulfilling our potential.  I’m striving to feel my feelings, express them however they need to be expressed, and moving on.  To do that, patience has been key.  To stop, and listen instead of react to the feeling that comes.  Feelings are funny… they are intangible in the physical sense, but we all have them, and it’s such a beautiful way to connect.  So feel those things, they’re good.  They exist.

“Random google image feeling search, made me laugh.”

With that my friend, I shall leave you.  Time to go teach someone how to have fun with a guitar.  Have an awesome day!




I’m heading off to India!  Not for another six months…. but the wheels are in motion, my ticket is bought, and I’m stoked for the next big adventure.  Ever since reading Baba Ram Dass’s “BE HERE NOW” a few years ago, I’ve had this extremely romantic idea of India.

“Baba Ram Dass”

A land of  love, beauty, gurus, and delicious food…. sounds pretty appealing.   My heart is being pulled in that direction, and my body is ready to follow.  So, come September, I will get on a plane with no plans, no travel itinerary, and do the damn thing.  While in Venice I had a conversation with Zan about the forming of a Gypsy Love Tribe.  Basically, a tribe of people with the intention of spreading joy and creativity by being joyful and creative, while traveling around the world.  This sounds like the ultimate awesome time to me, so I’m hoping along the way people will meet up and join me to spread loooooooove.  Inspired to inspire and be inspired…  You can read Zan’s awesome blog about her travels in Indonesia right now… do it!  http://aloveninja.blogspot.com/

Been reflecting a lot on the world being a mirror.

“My childhood hero”

When I can see through that lens of I am you and you are me, it makes me realize that the only way I want to be towards anyone is loving.  Regardless of how that needs to manifest in the world, if I can give everyone love, than really I’m just loving myself that much more.  And the more I love myself the more I’m loving you.  And the more I’m loving you the more you’re loving yourself.  And the more you love yourself the more I love myself… And so on and so forth until infinity plus one.  It’s a beautiful thing.  I think a big key part in all that is realizing that you want to love yourself first.  Do that and the rest is cake.

Really easy to get caught up in the separation of everything, because that’s the surface, and that’s how we’re taught to perceive.  But I challenge you to look a little deeper if you’re feeling up to it.  Understand that everything you do is connected to the world, and when you’re living through truth, honesty, and love the rest will fall into place.  You can take it or leave it, whatever you want, but if that feels good to you, practice it.  You’ll dig.

I’m such a hippie dippie :)

“Me at age 50”

It’s so funny because we do live in a world of dichotomy and paradox, and that’s what makes it so beautiful.  Without the dark there is no light, without the sadness there is no joy, without the peanut butter there is no jelly, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look at the source of all these things.  And that source is what every religion, every scientist, and every New Ager tries to explain.  But it doesn’t really need to be explained, just appreciated.  Be stoked that there is this source that exists so that you can exist.  Call it God, Allah, The Universe, You, whatever fits your fancy, but just be grateful for it if you can.  That to me is the best way to love yourself and everything around you.  And if you think loves for suckers, then I will be the best me I can be so hopefully you can see that I love you, or wait, do I mean you love you?


Love you/me



It’s funny, the more I live in the world, the more I see how we all have the power to create.  Through my daily interactions (especially through teaching), as well as my outlets for self expression, I’m constantly seeing a trend of my “vibe” affecting everything around me.  Through life experience that I’m extremely grateful for, I’ve managed to be at a place now where I’m in myself most of the time, attuned to feelings and moods that come, but not letting them control me.  I’m not perfect but any means, and definitely have bouts of rage and sadness and jealousy and all those things, but now I’m taking the time and space to look at where these emotions are coming from and letting them go.  It feels good!!!  And the more this happens, the more the universe seems to allow everything to fall into place.

“First draft of my tattoo”

Today I had an awesome body work session from my friend Annie Clare.  She is a rad woman who I’ve gotten to know pretty well over the last couple of months, and it was awesome having her work on me.  I had gotten massages from her before, which she is going to school for, but never body work.  The experience was beautiful and amazing, as well as being incredibly intense.  She had me lie on a table, and through various mediums worked on tapping into my energy.  My body and soul resonated most with the sound vibration healings… The singing bowl and this super awesome high resonating drum made my whole body feel like it was floating.  Partway through, I felt an intense rush of sadness and couldn’t help but cry.   I’m not used to crying very much, so when it does come it’s always a really powerful experience… and as the tears started streaming down my face I also felt a wave of eupohoria rush through my entire being.  It was lovely!  After this, Annie put her hands on my chest and started speaking to me about my souls path.  Her words came out and I felt the truth and power in every word she uttered.  The general message was to not worry about anyone else’s problems or issues and focus on feeling joy.  It’s so perfect, because spreading joy has been my driving force for awhile now, and through this session I got to see that it’s not so much about trying to spread joy, but feeling it in myself.  Through that joy will be spread, and that’s all I need to work on.  Definitely feels like a huge weight lifted off the shoulders.

My other highlight over this last week was going to some random bluegrass all star benefit concert at The Independent Friday night.  I went with my crew of Colorado friends, who are wacky, zany, and super loving.  We met up at Annie’s house, had some dinner and drinks, and some delicious pizza toppings and went off to the show.  For me, this show was all about learning how to dance to bluegrass music.  As everyone knows, Coloradians love their bluegrass, and since they were brought up to dance to it since they were little cubs, they’re fantastic dancers.  So this was gonna be my first time delving into that, and I was stoked!  But alas, we get there, and the dance floor is filled with people from age 50-80 sitting in chairs on the dance floor.  Bummer.  Nooooooot!  We made our way to the side of the stage and for the whole night boogied so hard that the whole venue couldn’t help but notice how much fun we were having.  Not to mention we were all dressed in crazy face paint and costumes because we thought it was a carnival (Everyone else at the venue was wearing shirts and ties and stuffy stuff).  It was awesome.  This night reminded me how important it is to be friends with people who are down to have the best time, no matter what.  We went expecting one thing, and when it was something else, we made the absolute best of it, awesome!

My parting challenge to anyone who reads this newest bloggy is to take five minutes and feel some joy.  Either take a joyful moment in your life and focus on that feeling, or appreciate all the awesomeness in your life right now, or just do something you love.  Mmmmm, love you!




After reading fellow Collective member Josh Hogan’s blog, I’ve been inspired to start one of my own.  I’d like to use this as a forum to say my piece on my personal philosophies and perspectives of the world, and also to give you an opportunity to see what’s going on in my life if you’re interested :)  One quick warning… I will be using a lot of these :) because I like to write them every time I smile and I smile a lot :)  OK!  So a quick overview of the last few years for those who don’t know me, and also for those whose beautiful mugs I haven’t seen in a few years.  The basic gist, I went to UC Santa Cruz for college, and while there I met an amazing friend and musical soul mate named Asher who helped me change my perception on the way I viewed the world.  This happened from playing music with a message of reawakening to each moment, and realizing the beauty in everyone :)  The shift was subtle, but also helped lead to each subsequent shift, which has become too many to count.  The more I’m opening up to the world, the more I feel it’s opening up to me, and I’m lovin’ it.  You can hear Asher, Mike, and I’s band Our Satori here :)

Our Satori @ Teatro Zinzanni“Our Satori at Teatro Zinzanni”

Playing in this band brought me to the realization that music is why I’m here.  The feeling of playing with my brothers in arms for a room full of people that are putting in so much magical energy is the reason I exist.  That cycling of energy feels so goooooooooood!  It’s funny when people say thank you for playing music, because for me it’s like, holy shit, thank you for being there and listening and being a part of the experience.  That’s what makes it the most awesome :)

Next big step came in the form of a little trip I took.  I met a new friend named Lotus who helped show me to a higher level how much I shape my world, and I went into a shift of being more in my body.  I decided to eat raw, and got really into rock climbing, and lost 60 pounds within a few months.  Now my body and spirit felt more aligned…..

The powerful Lotus“The flower of enlightenment”

Over the last year or so, I’ve been working towards cultivating my craft.  My beautiful roommate Virginia inspired my first song, called “Sweet Sunshine” and from that moment on song writing has become a really wonderful form of self expression for me.  Most of the music I’ve recorded is on my various pages strewn across the stratosphere of the interweb, but you can hear most of it on my facebook page Aaron Glass and Friends.  Next step is actually putting a CD out, the goal is to have it done before September.

Me and the Band :)” Our First show!

So now I’ve got a band/collective of friends put together to put this music out into the world and I’m so so so stoked to share it with all of you.  Our goal is to inspire love, and also help you feel whatever emotions you gotta feel.  Right now the band consists of my muppet friend Mike Pinette on drums, magic fingers Michael Musgrove on electric guitar, mandolin, banjo, and harmonica, the bass boomin’ Adam Lowdermilk, and the sultry singing Michelle Musgrove.  This group will be growing and expanding as time moves ooooooooon….

So the last piece of the puzzle is how I ended up as part of The Collective CA :)  About a month and a half ago I came into contact with this amazing group of people down in Santa Cruz.  They had come up from Venice, CA to put on an event at the 418, and through crazy randomn connections I just so happened to be staying at the same house as them.  So before the event I met everyone, and felt that instant soul family connection.  I ended up having the most epic night, getting to see these beautiful souls play some of the most joyful, inspiring music I’ve ever heard.  The band is The Mowgli’s, and I’m so stoked to be working with them and other Collective Band’s in the future.  We ended up going back to the infamous Red House (Aka 727) and jammed the night away.  It was glorious.

After having this awesome relationship form, me and my lovely lady Amber decided to make a trip down to Venice to go hang with our new homeslices.  As soon as we made that decision I got asked to play a show down there with them…. Perfect!  So we drove down, got to the OM hOMe (Venice equivalent of the Red House) and had the most fantastic few days I can ever remember.  So much music, love, art, creation, and joy!!!!  It was intense to say the least.  Big thank you to the OM hOMe crew!!!

Sweet Venice Graffiti“Pisces wall”

So as soon as I got back to SF, I knew these were my people and I wanted to be involved.  So now, I am a part of this bigger entity, and I’m so stoked to help it grow.

Thank you so much for reading my first ever blog post, I know that was long as shit, so good work!  I will hopefully keep this going, I had a good time writing it, and hopefully you enjoyed reading it.

Much love, be well, you’re awesome,