Bastard Opera

BO Photo 2

Formed in early 2011, Bastard Opera is a heavily harmony driven band, begun by Laurence Prophet of L.A. The four piece ensemble has dubbed its sound ‘theatrical rock’. While Prophet wrote the majority of the songs on the six track E.P., before the other members were recruited, each track of ‘The Movement’ has benefit from the bands fine tuning as a whole.

Serj Tachyon, also playing currently with local band ‘Dot Connect’, was the first musician brought aboard by Prophet. They knew each other in passing, as school-mates. After reconnecting years later, Tachyon was approached by Laurence with his ideas. Impressed, after not knowing what to expect, Serj brought his keys into the bands surplus of sound.

The bands drummer, Brandon Raap, also has a history with front-man Prophet. After jamming with him in his project prior to Bastard Opera, ‘The Sound of Ugly’, the vocalist thought first of Raap when looking for a percussionist for his new project.

Blake Runyon, formally of Onset of Effect, 100Ft Snowman and Aerial Stereo, currently of Sharkitecture and New Mountain, replied to a message sent out by the band looking for a bassist. He has also taken responsibility for the harmonies of Bastard Opera.

The lyrics written by Prophet are of a pontificating nature, cautioning the downward spirals of love and the trappings of religion. The subject matter of Bastard Opera’s songs, and the genre in which the band gets it across were well chosen, considering the rapidly advancing aptitude of the vocals and the skills of the musicians backing him.

It’s apparent while present for the bands practice sessions, the young men of Bastard Opera have the work ethic to match their talents. The deliberations that take place are constantly bettering their songs, and tightening the band. They have found a dynamic sound, somewhere between the relentless, heavy handed drums, gothic keys, reminiscent of haunted towers, and their commanding vocals.

Their memorable name is well deserved. As it should be with any musical group, the members of Bastard Opera seem to inspire and energize each other at every turn. These young men are eagerly awaiting your ears, with tracking underway and shows quickly approaching, Bastard Opera means to carve out a niche in the local scene. Updates are frequent on the band’s Facebook page, where you can sign onto the mailing list for more Info. 

(Bio written by Michael Kendricks)