Boyz in The Wood


The Boyz In The Wood are a hip hop comedy trio. Comprising of 3 East Coasters living in Hollywood, trying to become a legit Hip Hop group. The web series is directed and Produced by Andy Oleck, and Evan Shafran & Mason Hallberg star.

The story starts with Evan’s Bubby’s unfortunate demise in a downhill rollerskating accident. In her will she left her Hollywood Hills home to her favorite grandson, Evan, a Jewish Boston native. He invites his two buddies, Brad AKA Mr.Wizard, a smart ass white boy from Brooklyn, and Doug AKA D-rock, a modern day merchant/DJ/super-dope beat maker form the bay area, to live in the hills with him. They work together to try and become the next big thing in hip-hop. The universe threw them a big bone with Bubby’s house, now can they run with it? They are broke, busted, and blunted but ready for the hip-hop game, but is the game ready for them?

Recently Evan aka Everyman has made his own album that will be released soon, and has penned and performed politically charged rap songs for the campaign to label GMOs in California. Two songs, and videos were made, “F Monsanto” & “Right To Know”.

The show is all about comedy, and some hip hop, but mostly the guys try and make things happen, but never get to far. Its kind of a cross between It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Workaholics. Check the youtube channel for the webisodes, follow us on twitter and facebook for updates!