Fritz Sender


New comer Fritz Sender is really no new comer at all! After developing his style underground, for the past 23 years, he is finally ready to emerge on the scene with an explosion the size of 9-11. Fritz Sender gets his sound from handmade modded guitar pedals, hacked video game systems and an arsenal of vintage synthesizers and drum machines. His “Happy-Go-Lucky” attitude is a breathe of fresh air. The fast paced, upbeat, and catchy beats will reel you and keep you feeling good all night long. Its even better than taking a muscle relaxant! There is never a chance to get bored when in 5 minutes he has gone through 5 songs, 100 crazy dance moves, and a crowed participating contest! This guy loves what he does, and so should you. Seeing Fritz Sender is not an experience anyone should ever do without.
– Jordan Woods