New Mountain

While a few of them have jammed together previously, the group came together under the name of New Mountain. Beginning in 2010 in Los Angeles, the alternative bands sound range acoustic rock landscapes. At the foundation of New Mountain are its percussionists, Philadelphia natives, Candice Harris and Matt Fonda. The bands drum set up could easily be underestimated, at first glance. With the combination of Matt on the cajon and Candice on the djembe, New Mountains percussion could easily tear down a cozy venue that made that mistake.

The tracks of ‘Sirens’, the bands first EP were written at the tail end of 2010. The band is performing currently and recording in L.A. The driving harmonies between the keys, played by Matt Luker of Chicago and the guitar, played by Blake Runyon, establish an explorative sound that fits the introspective theme of Sirens. Front-man Blake addresses the human condition with lyrics of self-discovery and grandeur. Id like to say as a fan, the vocals speak for themselves. The vocalist knows his range, and can carry New Mountain’s often august melodies. Though as a singer that challenges himself, Blake Runyon’s measured balance of power gives the band its edge, giving New Mountain a sound as glorious as it could be romantic.
-Michael Kendricks




more to come soon…