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pedro took a vacation to venice beach and unsuspectedly met a girl named carrie turner.
they spent two weeks together drinking martinis and chasing sunsets, tracking in the mowgli studio until sunrise.
..that happened

Pedro De La Luna was born in Paraguay to missionary parents. Much of his formative years were spent in Juno, Alaska where his parents were involved in aiding the Inuit. “I learned that it was all about loving as many people as you could” he says of this time. Pedro’s musical influences span the globe and genres from Ismael Lo to The Grateful Dead and he wears the sounds of his mentors and muses as a coat of many notes. Pedro has sought to “write from honesty first, art next” and hopes to continue traveling the world and learning the purpose of it all. Oh, and he’ll write the occasional song when he feels the urge.

This track was produced by superbeautiful and features him on harmonies…it also features Andy Tubman of The Jane Doe’s on rhodes and assorted keys…it’s always a team effort when it comes to Pedro’s stuff and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

“There are moments and people and places and things that touch us and leave indelible marks, like letters carved into a tree…this song is about all of them.”

– Pedro De La Luna, Uruguay 2009

More on the way…y’all come back now y’here?

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