“…a refreshing Duncan Sheik.” – lail stockfish (f’ing REALLY..i HATE that guy)

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i didn’t write this one…i borrowed it…i wrote the melody and sang it…love me till my heart stops?


a song written out of respect for the 80’s “Cold-War Love Song”…spies, the Eastern Bloc, airports and mystery women.

a song about my grandmother…and the collapse of the English empire…because you do.

this one was done for my sister and her husband for their first dance at their wedding…yup i cried…Switchfoot wrote it…i did what i could to improve it.

this is my attempt to write a song in the vein of The Nails “88 lines about 44 women”.

“long island” is written about my first real love in 12th grade…Karen Klotz.

road head…damaged relationships and a driving lesson.

superbeautiful is producer, dj and quilter christian james-hand. It began as a way to keep experimenting in the studio and slowly morphed into a number of “genre-jumping” songs that he was finally convinced to let the world listen to. Most of the trax feature him trying to play geetar and allowing himself only one take to nail the performance, hence…some of it is a little ragged around the edges. Many of the collective’s artists have been produced by cjh and Michael Vincze (Mowgli’s) and Josh Hogan (Pan America) traded services by playing REAL geetar on a couple of these trax. Not often convinced to perform live…he HAS been known to sing in the shower.

“i hope you like what i’ve been doing down the end of the garden” – cjh