The Jane Doe’s


Andy’s in Nashville recording new songs with legendary guitarist/songwriter Keith Gaddis.

Dirty is tracking Vocals in LaLaLand for the new “Dirty Hollywood” record.

The Jane Doe’s have an ethereal, funky soulful sound that simply exudes sex. Singer Andy Tubman’s sexy falsetto captures the honesty and earnestness of Smokey Robinson and the pure id of Prince. All of this is set against a smooth, funky R & B backdrop. We’re bombarded everyday with anthems to sex and love, but what sets The Jane Doe’s songs apart from others is a certain mystical, almost voodoo quality. It’s not just sexy, it’s DEEPLY sexy.

-Robert Coats

The sultry, deeply-grooved sound of The Jane Doe’s owes some of its resonance, insight, and kaleidoscopic imagery to front man Andy Tubman’s day job. As a music therapist in psychiatric hospitals and rehab centers, he uses music to communicate in new ways with people living in pain and at the very edges of the human experience. One of the first things to attract your ears and eyes at a Jane Doe’s performance is the eclectic makeup of Drummer/percussionist Dirty’s kit. A collection of hand drums from around the world is spiced with found object instruments he creates out of salad bowls, springs, and other everyday items which add layers of intricate sound to the music. Andy & Dirty are also in another band in The Collective, D. Hollywood,
The Jane Doe’s live set up ranges from a two piece (guitar, percussion) intimate acoustic vibe, to a full five or six piece band adding B3/Rhodes, second guitar, and a second drummer. Any way, it’s apparent when experiencing The Jane Doe’s, that the players have a mastery of their craft and a deep connection to their art that can’t be achieved by keyboard short cuts or fakery.