Magical Planets


Magical Planets is the new kid on the progressive music block, channeling energy from various worlds to create a unique, futuristic blend of jazz, rock, classical, and metal. Magical Planets is home to Dave “Appels”, making love with three monstrous tiers of synthesizers, DOC JULIUS holding down the beefy grind-house bass and midi controllers, and Soko punishing the drum kit and pumping samples. This not-so-average trio can get heavy and rough, but also can stay smooth and positive. Magical Planets does justice to its purpose and mission – to take bright minds on an ultimately thrilling and entertaining journey through time, space, and sound.

<a href="">Overture. by Magical Planets</a>

<a href="">Red Rhino &#8211; Live @ Manifestival by Magical Planets</a>

<a href="">Manila Boulders Live @ Manifestival by Magical Planets</a>

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