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Thinking of the day you took that knife and carved our names…

March 26, 2010 at 2:14 pm

Once again our first, and obviously most promising, international artist has come to us with a beautifully written piece of music. Today is the debut of Pedro De La Luna’s “Tree of Life”. This is the second track that Pedro has enlightened us with. If all goes well, we should be receiving a few more tracks from him this year, but in his far off land it is not easy to find a Wi-Fi hotspot…

Check out “Tree of Life”, download it, and burn it for all your friends.

<a href="http://pedrodelaluna.bandcamp.com/track/tree-of-life">Tree of Life by Pedro De La Luna</a>

<3, The Collective CA

Wait for it…

March 25, 2010 at 2:32 pm

…I was about to start with something about how shitty the weather is, but I just looked out the window and the sun finally came out. Never know what to expect in this city. Ok, enough of my rambles…

JD Romance will be in Big White Pig Studios finishing up the last song of their soon to be released e.p. The Mowgli’s, superbeautiful, Mike Vincze, and Lost Squad are all guesting on some tracks. This WILL be your favorite music for the summer!

– Last night Sing the Body Electric stormed the stage at an incredibly swamped Club Moscow (Boardners). The band and everything they did last night gained some much needed ground and respect for The Collective CA.

Lost Squad will be visiting Christian James-Hand, AKA superbeautiful, to start trackin’ some sick new shit in the next couple of weeks. Check back for updates on that hotness.

Magical Planets are currently getting mixes together for their first release. Look for new math-fusion from them in the not-too distant future.

That’s all for now people. We will keep you updated once we are updated.

The Collective CA

PS: photos from Collective II are up. Courtney Berman is fucking incredible.  Check out our Flickr!

Still recovering? Yeah, so are we.

March 24, 2010 at 9:52 am

Monday night kicked the shit out of us! (I personally am still recovering, but that is how the game has to be played.) Collective II was a massive success and there are only bigger and better events to come.

Now onto the business…

superbeautiful has released a new track entitled ‘The Game’ – a song written out of respect for the 80’s “Cold-War Love Song”…spies, the Eastern Bloc, airports and mystery women. Do not hesitate, download this shit!

Sing The Body Electric is playing tonight @ Club Moscow (Boardners) down in Hollywood, CA. Free guest list spots are available. Please send an email to rsvp.collectiveca@gmail.com

Courtney Berman has been making history by completely documenting our experiences and posting them on this magical interweb. I highly advise everyone to visit her page and contact her for all your photography needs…did I mention she is utterly beautiful?

The Mowgli’s and Colin Louis Dieden will be playing a free event at The Plush Lounge (downstairs @ The Key Club) tomorrow night, March 25th. This is a singer/songwriter battle of the bands type of scenario and we would be grateful to see your faces and to hear your screams.

Collective II = A Huge Success

March 23, 2010 at 3:44 pm


A massive thank you to each and every person that came down to The Dragonfly last night. Collective II was a massive success, housing 7 different musical acts, an assortment of live artists, our in house tattoo artist, and a plethora of beautiful people.

From the bottom of our hearts, we absolutely love you and cannot thank you enough. We are making history here, people. Photos from the show can be viewed on our Flickr page!

Here are some words about last night from our very own David Block of The Human Experience:

What does a manifestival feel like to me…?

I see smiles everywhere.
Music and laughter fills the air.
Creativity is blooming everywhere.
This isnt just another show with another lineup of half ass wannabe rockstars.
Every single human being in this room is a shining fucking star.
Every single one.
We are all here gathering together as a collective.
We are all here to share our common love for creativity and artistic expression.
Before the night commences into a dynamic artistic explosion of amazingness
We gather together
We set the intention


I love you all so much,

David Block (of The Human Experience)

The Collective CA