The Human Experience

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Harmonic Transformation Cover Art

I hope the music brings a smile to your face. Energizes the music in your heart and inspires you to create whatever you want to create.

Love and Light,
– David (The Human Experience)


The Human Experience
We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. The Human Experience project is an ever changing, interactive, artistic explosion on your 6 senses. Every show is unique, never the same. The Human Experience was spawned by Visionary artist David Block who envisioned a performance that was unlike any others that have gone before it.  With the help of many others, the vision has become a reality.  The mission is clear:

“We don’t play any specific genre of music or have any specific types of performances, instead, our vision is to create a completely new type of interactive experience that stimulates all of the senses.  We want you to smell the music, feel the music and see the music. We want you to lose yourself on the dance floor. We want you to close your eyes in ecstasy and journey to the depths of your inner self. We want to feel our audience, but equally we want them to feel us; We are all part of the collective unconscious. This is not about I, Me, and My. This is ALL of our music.”

The Human Experience core members David Block and David Applebaum are putting the “Music” back into electronic music.

“We couldn’t play the same show twice even if we wanted too”
– David Block

Everything is produced live and all the samples are original. Everything is fresh. David Applebaum (Live Keys, Vocoder, Effects, Production) adds MASSIVE sound and variety to the fresh beats of David Block (Producer, Keys, Effects) which together take the audience on a journey from down-tempo ambient grooves to BANGIN bass womps. The bottom line is The Human Experience is sure to get your blood pumping and leave you blissfully thinking “I cant stop moving, I cant stop dancing, I cant stop smiling, MORE PLEASE!!!”

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